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Interested in joining or supporting us in our 4th Annual mass mobilization in the Nevada desert, north of Las Vegas, to stop drone warfare and the terror of endless U.S. global wars?  

This year S.F. Area CODEPINK will be organizing Shut Down Creech alone.  The organizations that have sponsored this yearly event with CODEPINK in the past, for varying reasons, no longer have the capacity to help organize for this as an annual event.  The Las Vegas Nevada Desert Experience staff will, however, be assisting this peace convergence on a smaller scale and, for this, we are most grateful.  Due to these changes, we are in an even greater need of support from individuals and organizations as "secondary" sponsors and endorsers.  S.F. Bay Area CODEPINK wants to give special thanks to  Nevada Desert Experience (NDE)Veterans For Peace (VFP),  and Voices For Creative Nonviolence (VCNV)  for their tremendous participation and support as main sponsors of previous Shut Down Creech annual events.  Together we have made a deep impact by helping to raise the consciousness of many of the U.S. Air Force personnel and civilian employees stationed at "Home of the Hunters," (the military's reference to Creech), as well as educating the local law enforcement and community. We have been very successful in shutting down the "killing apparatus" repeatedly over the years through nonviolent, well-coordinated civil resistance.  We have had a huge success in innumerable ways, and we want to continue our work at Creech on a twice annual basis, in the spring and fall, with an emphasis on a large mobilization in the fall.  "THERE COMES A TIME WHEN SILENCE IS COMPLICITY." (Martin Luther King)

We are calling for an end to the violence and injustice inherent in drone killing, U.S. global terrorism, and endless high tech warfare. We are inviting organizations across the country to support this mass mobilization to resist the brutality and illegality of the U.S. Drone Program. We ask both individuals and organizations to please support us in one or more of the following ways:

As an Endorser:

·                  Advertise the event through any and all of your Social Media resources, your email lists, newsletters and/or website(s).

As a Sponsor: (One or more of the following)

·                  Take an active role to get members of your organization to participate.

·                  Enable member(s) from your organization to attend by assisting with travel costs.

·                  Join our organizing team and help plan and implement the event. 

·                  Make a donation to help with expenses (to help finance meals, port-a-potty rentals, program costs, educational activities, and, if sufficient funds are raised, scholarship funds to help bring activists who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend.)

Donations can be sent to:

(To be posted soon)

Please put "Shut Down Creech" in the memo line and make checks out to: "____________" 

100% of monies raised will be used to fund SHUT DOWN CREECH. 

If your group would like to provide a speaker/leader for an educational workshop or activity during SHUT DOWN CREECH week this fall, please contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you, and hope that your organization will be willing to support this monumental event. Educational activities are in the early planning stages and will take place at CAMP JUSTICE, 3 miles from Creech AFB.  If your group would like to provide a speaker for one of these educational activities or workshops, please let us know.

With utmost appreciation and respect for all of the important work you each do to help make our world a better place to live,


The SHUT DOWN CREECH Team!  Toby, Eleanor, Maggie, Ann, Mary and Tim

To follow up, please contact us:

Toby Blomé, S.F. Bay Area CODEPINK
510-215-5974 (h)

Eleanor Levine, S.F. Bay Area CODEPINK,  "Transportation Goddess"

Maggie Huntington, Flagstaff CODEPINK,  "Guest House Goddess"