Camp Justice

WHERE: Across highway from South Gate of CREECH AFB, nearest to Las Vegas
Near the site of our daily vigils, just south of Indian Springs, Nevada, on Hwy. 95

WHEN: April 23, 4pm to April 29, noon; Sunday - Saturday, all week.
(Campers can arrive as early as noon on Sunday and begin to set up their camp sites;  The land is BLM property and no permit is required to camp for up to 2 weeks).  Other alternatives to camping here.

Join Our beautiful weeklong peace encampment, "CAMP JUSTICE," where, in the spirit of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, we will create the "change we want to see in the world." This is the site of most of our daily activities, including meals, nonviolence training, workshops, etc.

Optional: bring lots of colorful visuals and signs to decorate your tents and camp sites. We will show the U.S. Air Force what a beautiful DRONE FREE & DEMILITARIZED ZONE looks like!


This is a somewhat "primitive" camp ground, without running water, but these inconveniences are temporary and will pale in light of the JUSTICE we are seeking for all humanity.  We will provide drinking water in large vessels all week long.  In addition, just 2 miles down the road at our lovely Goddess Temple, there is an outdoor shower stall and sink installed last year.  This is a tremendous improvement, allowing all campers to have a place to go to take care of all hygiene needs. Not a camper?  Click HERE for other accommodation options. We encourage the majority of folks to stay in Indian Springs/Camp Justice area to minimize the impact on our mother earth's climate.

Tents, Cars, Camper vehicles and vans are all welcome!

Port-a potties will be available all week long.  

Meals at Camp Justice:  

Most meals will be provided.  For some meals, Creechers will be on their own.  Please check here for full details.  Donations are encouraged to defray the costs, but not required. You may donate ahead of time HERE. 

IMPORTANT:  Since campers will be on their own for some meals, please read this carefully. There are very limited options in Indian Springs for nourishment.  This includes The Oasis Bar & Restaurant, with menu HERE, and a very tiny mini-market next door to the bar.  So come prepared, depending on your individual needs and requirements. The nearest alternative place to purchase food, etc. is in Las Vegas.

For Mother Earth & her climate, please minimize 50 min. one way trips to Las Vegas for supplies.


Reusable metal utensils will be provided. Feel free to bring favorite non-perishable food/snack items you’d like to have. The outdoor sink at the Goddess Temple, 3 miles down the road, will be available for cleaning personal dishes, etc., but please help to keep this area clean.

Early morning (vigil) and night time could be very cold. Bring layered clothing, and accessories to address these varying conditions.  Remember to bring protection from the dry environment and desert sun (hats with large brim, light-weight clothing to cover skin, sunscreen, lip balm, dry skin lotions/oils, nasal saline solution) and rain gear, as needed. The desert is beautiful all year long, with the surrounding mountains and gorgeous Nevada sunrises and sunsets to inspire us all....and, yes, even "wild horses" to visit nearby!
Spontaneous creative expressions are welcome throughout the camp experience, with song, instruments, yoga, dancing, and other shared talents encouraged. Remember:  We are modeling a peace community for our friends at Creech AFB.  Let's make it joyful and fun!

Our new "Program Coordinator," Luna, will help embellish our Camp Justice  experiences in 2017, with Drum circles, music, singing, group yoga, and more.  We want to create a connected community at Camp Justice in the daytime & evenings, and will do our best to provide a comfortable place to de-stress from our activist work. We welcome help and suggestions in this area. New activities are in the works. At Camp Justice we also hope to offer chances to exchange ideas and brainstorm ways we can better connect and work together to demilitarize Our Mother Earth. Many of these creative and inspiring exchanges will take place on Friday....a full day of debriefing, rejuvenation and connecting.

"Peace, Love and S'mores........SCONES NOT DRONES!”