Camp Justice

Sunset at the Goddess Temple  

Camp Justice is our beautiful peace camp based on the Goddess Temple  grounds  located 3 miles north on highway 95 from where we will vigil twice daily at Creech Air Force Base.  This welcoming oasis offers us shade, running water, showers, outdoor flush toilets, cooking facilities and much more.  We'll have access to the outdoor Peace Pavilion for a gatherings & meetings and our sacred "Temple to Sekhmet" offers a unique place for those seeking solace and a place for healing prayer and meditation. 

Due to the corona virus pandemic, most of us will be sleeping in tents, cars or RV vehicles to minimize health risks.  Exception:  A "Creecher" can make their own arrangements in Las Vegas, but we encourage participants to camp with us on the Goddess Temple grounds, to help nurture our peace community, and minimize driving trips to/from Las Vegas.

Guesthouse:  (UPDATE:  With a significant lessening of severe Covid cases, a very limited beds will be available this spring, 2022, one person per room).  Guesthouse beds are available for those most in need:  our elders (70 & over) and those with physical limitations that make camping difficult will have priority.  

Please contact Maggie FMI:

WHERE:  Temple of Goddess Spirtuality28425 N. Hwy 95, Indian Springs, NV
Please:  Contact organizers for any inquiries or questions about the Goddess Temple grounds. 

***Do Not contact the Goddess Temple staff directly about Shut Down Creech week. Thank you!

DIRECTIONS:  Drive 2 to 3 miles north of Indian Springs, NV on Hwy 95.  Look for the very small highway sign denoting the "Cactus Springs" hamlet.  On the southwest side (left) of the highway you will notice a bunch of  cottonwood trees standing green and tall amongst a more "barren" desert landscape as you approach.  Take the 2nd left hand turn lane, and enter the Goddess Temple grounds, staying to the left of the fork in the dirt entrance road.  You may park your car in the large parking area.  YOU HAVE ARRIVED!  Welcome!

WHEN: Saturday, March 26 to noon, Saturday, April 2.  (First community shared meal:  Dinner on Saturday, March 26)

Campers can arrive as early as noon on Saturday March 26 and begin to set up their camp sites;  Please talk to Codepink staff after arrival for information about tent site areas.

Join our beautiful weeklong peace encampment, "CAMP JUSTICE," where, in the spirit of Gandhi and Martin Luther King, we will create the "change we want to see in the world." This is the site of most of our daily activities, including meals, nonviolence training, workshops, educational activities, team building, and most importantly, strategizing and preparing for nonviolently SHUTTING DOWN CREECH, for as long as possible.

Optional: bring lots of colorful visuals and signs to decorate CAMP JUSTICE. Help us build a really beautiful peace community.  Tents, Cars, Camper vehicles and vans are all welcome!


Peace-Bonding at Camp Justice,  2016

ESSENTIAL THINGS TO BRING:  (This is your Checklist)
A more complete checklist will be sent by email a week before Shut Down Creech.

Due to the pandemic, EVERYONE will bring their own dishes (cup, bowl, plate) and utensils (fork, spoon, knife) and wash their own dishes after each meal.  Exception:  There will be dishes provided to those who are flying from out of state.  

Everyone should bring their own sleeping bag, pad, tent and reuseable water bottle however.

Re:  Clothing:  Please be prepared for cold and hot weather and for skin protection from sun and dry weather.
Optional Items Recommended:  Your personal reusable coffee/tea mug, lip balm, skin moisturizer and nasal saline solution for hot/dry weather;  Instruments. Song lyrics/sheets to share.

For info on Meals at Camp Justice check here.
For Mother Earth & her climate, please minimize trips to Las Vegas for supplies.

The desert is beautiful all year long, with the surrounding mountains and gorgeous Nevada sunrises and sunsets to inspire us all....and, yes, even "wild horses" to visit nearby!
Spontaneous creative expressions are welcome throughout the camp experience, with song, instruments, yoga, dancing, and other shared talents encouraged. If you would like to lead us in any organized yoga, movement/stretching, singing/dance/music, educational or other activities or workshops please contact us.

We want to create a connected community at Camp Justice in the daytime & evenings, and will do our best to provide a comfortable place to de-stress from our activist work. We will have mid-day outings and activities between am & pm rush hour vigils.  We welcome help and suggestions in this area. At Camp Justice we will also offer chances to exchange ideas and brainstorm ways we can better connect and work together to demilitarize Our Mother Earth. Many of these creative and inspiring exchanges will take place on Friday....a full day of debriefing, rejuvenation and connecting.

Remember:  We are modeling a peace community for our friends at Creech AFB.  Let's make it joyful and fun!

Camp Justice 2016

"Peace, Love and S'mores........SCONES NOT DRONES!”