Meals will be provided 3x/day,

from Saturday evening, March 26th (dinner) to Saturday morning, April 2 (breakfast)
All meals offered will be vegetarian and vegan options only. 

This will be a community effort, with everyone participating with food preparation, cooking, and clean-up.  Please come prepared to contribute. If you have special dietary needs, please list those on the registration form to help us best meet everyone's needs.  If you have favorite snack items, you may want to consider bringing some of these.   Please Note:  Due to the pandemic, there will be a small designated kitchen crew each day.  Everyone will be asked to participate in meal preparation or other community tasks sometime during the week. Each person will be responsible for washing their own dishes and eating utensils.  If you have special food you want to bring, please bring your own "creature safe" containers to store it in.  Thank you!

Please note:  We have very limited refrigerator space, and it will be used primarily to store our collective food for the week.  Due to hungry little desert mice, personal food needs to be stored in protective containers.

Meal Costs:  We request a minimum donation of $10.00 per day to contribute to the cost of food expenses.  (No one will be turned away for lack of funds.)

IMPORTANT:  There are very limited options for food/meal shopping in the area.  Indian Springs, 2.5 miles from Camp Justice/Goddess Temple, offers:  The Oasis Bar & Restaurant, with limited menu HERE, and a "convenience store" along the highway.  The nearest alternative place to purchase food is in Las Vegas, an hour away by car. 
Due to Covid concerns, we urge all to avoid eating or drinking indoors in Indian Springs or Las Vegas facilities to minimize risks for all.

For Mother Earth & her threatened climate, please minimize the 1.5 hr round trips to North Las Vegas for food or other supplies.

  "Chef" Mark Kelso stirring up our "Celebratory Feast," with NDE dinner crew, SDC.  (2015)

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