Meals will be provided for much of the week.  (With vegetarian and vegan options)  

Breakfasts will be provided Tues. Apr. 25 thru Fri. Apr. 28.   
Lunches will be provided Tues. Apr. 25 thru Thurs. Apr. 27.    
      Friday lunch:  Optional group Pizza order from The Oasis.

Dinners will be provided on Tues, Apr. 25 thru Friday, Apr. 28  (Celebratory Dinner Feast on Friday).   

Thanks for your patience re:  Meal details, as our Shut Down Creech Program is evolving for the week.
Please check back in the last days before camp for final meal confirmation. 

Note:   Mon. & Wed. will include Las Vegas screenings of excellent drone documentary, National Bird, featuring post-film presentation and Q & A by two nationally known Whistleblowers from the U.S. Drone Program.  These will be surprise guests, not to be announced until the week of Shut Down Creech, per the whistleblowers' wishes. "Creechers" can purchase dinner on their own in town before the screening.  We are expecting most Creechers to attend the Monday screening, so Creechers can leave Camp Justice early on Mon. (4pm), and purchase dinner in Las Vegas.  Those in Las Vegas on Mon. for court support, can remain there for dinner & film event.  Dinner will be provided on Wed. night at Camp Justice, for those who are not attending the Wed. screening.  Donations for meals are needed to defray costs.  
Thank you very much.

Las Vegas Catholic Worker - for providing 3 dinners. (Julia, Mark & Catholic Worker Team)
Bay Area CODEPINK - for providing 4 breakfasts, one lunch and the Celebratory Feast on Friday.  
(Eleanor, Maggie, Toby & Friends)
Las Vegas Food Not Bombs & NDE - for providing two of the lunches (King Ron, Ming & Laura-Marie)

IMPORTANT:  During other parts of the week campers will be on their own for meals. There are very limited options in Indian Springs for nourishment.  This includes The Oasis Bar & Restaurant, with menu HERE, and a very tiny mini-market next door to the bar.  So come prepared, depending on your personal needs. The nearest alternative place to purchase food, etc. is in Las Vegas.

For Mother Earth & her climate, please minimize the 1.5 hr round trips to North Las Vegas for food & supplies.

   Our "Chef" Mark Kelso stirring up the stew for the "Celebratory Feast," with dinner crew:

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