Due to the persistent corona virus pandemic, and with our concern for the well-being of Creechers attending Shut Down Creech, we ask ALL PARTICIPANTS to be diligent in following these guidelines.  This is particularly important because many of the participants who attend SDC are our elders, who are most vulnerable.

  • In the two weeks prior to coming to Shut Down Creech (SDC), we ask that you self isolate as much as possible, avoid indoor contact with people other than your household members and co-workers, as needed, and follow Covid-safe practices regardless of your vaccination status because of the possibility of asymptomatic transmission.

  • Although all activities at SDC will take place outdoors, including camping/tenting, we ask that you wear a mask when physical distancing is not possible.  (Exception:  A small cooking crew, (with masks) will prepare some of the meals inside the Camp Justice guest house kitchen.)

  • Since risk of Covid transmission is possible by both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, we ask everyone to be careful.

  • Carpooling – While riding in vehicles with others on the way to/from the event, or during the event, please wear a face mask.

  • Physical Distancing - During SDC week, keep safe, healthful distancing in all activities, whenever possible. When speaking to each other, six feet is optimal. BEFORE hugging, handshaking and other close physical interactions, please get consent from the person you want to engage.

  • Wash Your Hands - Wash hands often with soap & water. Hand sanitizer will be available.

  • Note: We plan to disrupt the criminal business at Creech Drone Terror base via nonviolent direct action; participation at this level of activity is voluntary. Those not participating can lend support in many other ways. These peaceful disruptions will cease at the point that police warning time runs out, thus avoiding Las Vegas jail detention, where covid risks are higher. Avoid crowds and indoor spaces, except when essential. 

  • For those not sleeping at Camp Justice, we ask you to be extra careful in following Covid-precautions, even when not at Camp Justice. If staying in hotel rooms, have conversations with your roommate on how to best maneuver around in your hotel room and other useful precautions needed to ensure the safety of all.

  • Quarantine/Isolation –If you begin to show symptoms while participating at SDC, please notify one of the Shut Down Creech organizers so we can assist you in isolating yourself and/or help you to return home, while also helping to protect other participants. We understand the personal and organizational resources spent for your participation, but the health of yourself and others is important to our work and future organizing.  After returning home, even if you are symptom-free, we recommend all Creechers isolate themselves as much as possible for 10 to 14 days.

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